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Male trauma

This course is designed to complement the book His History, Her Story.  It highlights topics in the book and provides examples from Dr. Debra’s professional and personal experience. 

Corporate trauma

This course discusses trauma and how it relates to the workplace. The concepts of microaggressions, culture and diversity are explored.  Dr. Debra uses her professional experience and real life examples to crystalize learning and make concepts applicable. Designed for organizational and personal use.


Beavers, Foxes, and Grizzly bears...

This course is designed to complement the book Beavers. Foxes and Grizzly Bears. Discussed  are workplace dilemmas that can impede production and employee satisfaction.  Industrial Organizational Psychology concepts are explored and applied using the imaginary world of Backwoods Builders.  The theory of Binary Responsibility is defined and applied.  This course provides a simple easy way to understand your workplace, co-corkers and yourself.

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