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Corporate Trauma Leads To...

Low Morale.   Absenteeism.   Turnover.


Corporate trauma

Corporate Trauma has a financial impact on corporations and affects employee’s physical health.  Dr. Debra provides a private online class that offers Corporate Trauma training to employees, which can be taken at their own pace. 


The course provides information on corporate trauma, relatable case studies, cognitive scripts, how to create change and much more.  Help your employees and yourself by recognizing the signs and effects of corporate trauma and eliminating it from the workplace.

Corporate Impact

  • Low Retention Rate

  • Toxic Corporate Culture

  • Quality Employees Leave

  • Financial Impact

Many are unaware until it's too late!

Most people do not realize trauma can happen in the workplace because no on discusses it.  Most people do not want to be seen as unprofessional.  Some do not even realize that it is occurring at all in the workplace. This course is made to be a guide to assist you with foundation information, understanding and ways to create change.



  • Absenteeism

  • Physical Health

  • Career Cost

  • Financial Impact

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