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Dr. Debra Warner

Trauma Expert
Forensic Psychologist



Dr. Debra has devoted her professional efforts to helping men and their loved ones confront and conquer the long term effects of trauma on the male psyche. She frequently addresses issues related to the #MenToo movement, challenges masculinity stereotypes, and works to dismantle stigmas related to male trauma.

Dr. Debra's

 Ted Talk on
Male Trauma.
Dr. Debra's
Cast on
Corporate Trauma


Corporate Trauma has a financial impact on corporations and affects employee’s physical health. Dr. Debra provides a private MasterClass on Corporate Trauma for employees, which can be taken at their own pace.  The course defines corporate trauma, relatable case studies, cognitive scripts, how to create change and much more.  Help your employees or yourself thrive over Corporate Trauma. 

Dr. Debra

Dr. Debra is a leading forensic psychologist, popular speaker, trauma expert, training professional and author. She addresses diverse topics including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, multicultural therapeutic techniques, gang intervention, prison reform, human trafficking, violence against women, substance abuse, relationships, parenting and mental health. As a professor in Los Angeles, Dr. Warner is also a sought out expert witness, psychological evaluator, and consultant.


Dr. Debra is often asked to be an expert witness, psychological evaluator, and consultant. In addition, she has written and published works that include His History, Her Story, Beavers, Foxes, Grizzly Bears ...Oh, and Cheetahs, Fish and Sloths Too and Barbara and My Boys, and a cookbook Make it or Bake it.

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